What are actually UFOs?

There are literally thousands of images that can be found on the Internet described as UFOs and it is really hard to determine which of these images have an extraterrestrial origin. According to many UFOlogists and followers of conspiracy theories, this is actually done with a sole purpose to confuse the public and hide the “real” aliens.

What we all need to know about these aircrafts that we see on the sky as they come and go is that there are four types of UFOs, but only one of them is interesting for the supporters of the alien presence on our planet.

There are many different theories and stories in which military personnel have shot down alien aircrafts. After that, they’ve disassembled the parts of these aircrafts or fixed the existing aircraft if possible. The first procedure is called reverse engineering. For example, there were cases in which people have bought computers, disassembled them and started creating the elements on their own in order to build new computers.   These aircrafts are fully operational and they are used by human crews.

The second type of UFOs that we see is the ones produced by the scientist who worked during the World War II. These super modern and advanced aircrafts were produced in reverse technology too. Some of these scientists used these UFOs to escape on the Moon where they have continued their work. They were able to return to our planet whenever they want and they had an organized network of coworkers on our planet.

The third category of UFOs is used by actual aliens, but they are much more careful then before because there were many aircrafts that were shut down in the past decades. Finally the fourth category belongs to the UFOs that are created by people who want to become YouTube sensations.

Keep in mind that this categorization of UFOs was created by UFOlogists and conspiracy theory followers and that there is no solid scientific proof of their existence. It is up to you to decide whether the evidence (that sometimes comes in the form of videos and images) is relevant or not.